Máni Svavarsson (Music)

Country: Iceland

Birthday Date: 15th June 1967


Máni Svavarsson is the keyboardist, song-writer / lyricist, and script contributor of LazyTown. Born on June 15th, 1967 in Reykjavík, Iceland. He has dark brown hair, brown eyes and is around 5' 7" (1.72 m) tall.

He has composed all music for the show, including the hit, "Bing Bang"(No.4 on UK Singles Chart - 12/06). His history with LazyTown goes all the way back to the original Icelandic theatre plays of "Latibær"
(mid-late 90's).

Máni Svavarsson was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award -- Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction & Composition.


Source: http://lazytownpoint.com/Mani.html