Jodi Eichelberger (4/2008)



Thursday 10th (1st Part) and Monday 21th April (2nd Part) 2008


Thanks to Vic and Jodi for answers :)




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Questions from the LazyTown Community.


1. Can I marry Stingy? (asked by Racoon, Ultra Magnus and Vic)
Well, that's really a question for Stingy so I'll ask him.


Me: Hey, Stingy!

Stingy: Yes?

Me: There are some people who want to know if they can marry you.

Stingy: You mean they would like to say to me "Will you be mine?"

Me: Yes, that's the idea.

Stingy: That's impossible!

Me: Why?

Stingy: Because I can never belong to somebody else! But they could belong to me...


Hmm. So there you have it.


2. What is Magnus like, and is he a good boss?

I just had brunch with Magnus this last Sunday. I saw him out the window snapping the cover on his red convertible MG. He wears a driving suit with a scarf and some goggles. It's hard to tell where Magnus ends and Sportacus begins. He's a big personality on set and off. He demands the best from everyone and pushes me to my limit. The only person he expects more from than the people he's working with is himself.


3. Are you friends with his wife? (mizz_pink)

I've danced with her a couple of times but she's much more involved in the business side of things, so I don't spend that much time with her. We see each other at lunch now and then.


4. Do Sportacus and Stephanie end up as a couple?

I had my viking Tarot cards read at the base of Snaefellsness, which is supposed to be a very mystical place, but they said nothing about this!


5. If yes, how? (beticaforever)

Yes, how?!


6. Can you tell us anything about the movie being made in the future? (lazypooky)

The tarot cards didn't say much about this either.


7. Are you aware of the extent of the online fanbase the show has? (Ultra Magnus and Vic)

I have seen livejournal before and a few things on YouTube. One of the other puppeteers has a google alert set up so that he is notified whenever something new comes online about LazyTown but I'm not quite that wired into it. I think it's great and I love the creativity that people express.


8. If so, how aware? (Ultra Magnus) (Not answered)


9. What do you think it is about the show stand out so much and garner this reaction from this many people (of all ages)? (Ultra Magnus)

The show doesn't preach and it doesn't try too hard to make sense. I think this has something to do with why it's popular across a lot of age groups. You can approach it on a lot of different levels. It doesn't just shout words at you for 22 minutes.


10. Can I marry Stephanie? (yhpets)

You guys are obsessed with marriage. In general, I don't think television characters make very good life partners. You could ask Stephanie's father for permission..... if you can find him.


11. What's the best thing about working on LazyTown? (Sportasentai and Vic)

Working in Iceland is a huge plus. I live in New York and so it's amazing to go to a place that is so clean and surrounded by mountains and wide open spaces. Another great thing about working on LazyTown is how everyone is welcome to share ideas. We can even improvise a lot of our lines and they often get included in the final edit. That doesn't happen on a lot of shows and I think it gives the show a sense of life that many shows are missing.


12. What do you think of the other cast/crew members? Are they as nice as they seem to be? (Sportasentai)

The cast and crew is amazing! They've become like a second family to me. We've been working on this show now for 4 years and a lot of the same people have been there from the very beginning.


13. How is production going? Are there a lot of new, exciting things to look forward to? (Sportasentai)

Yes, the current production is a very different format so I think it allows for you to get to know the characters a lot better.


14. Are you aware of how LazyTown has literally almost DISAPPEARED in the United States? (Lack of store merchandise, not many episodes airing, etc.) If so, are there plans to do something about it? (It would really benefit more of today's kids in the US if it was promoted more, like it used to be.) (Sportasentai)

Being american, I am very aware of the state of LazyTown in the US. Fortunately, the show is such a huge success in other parts of the world and that has kept it going. The company hasn't given up on the US so hopefully we can look forward to some new exposure in the future. Sometimes it seems like America has to see that someone else thinks a show is cool before we adopt it. Look how much of our television has come from the UK for instance: The Office, Idol, Who wants to be a millionaire... ect....