Magnús Scheving (15/11/2009)

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Suzanne: So, tell me about the LazyTown movie. Are the rumors about the LazyTown movie confirmed?

Magnús: Not confirmed. What they are doing right now in Hollywood is that we are seeking producers to, to produce the LazyTown movie. And the LazyTown movie, I think it’s gonna be about Sportacus number 1, and Sportacus number 11 is maybe gonna be in it as well. So this will tell the back-story where did Sportacus get the moustache etcetera etcetera. And it’s a fantastic family movie that will scale much older as well, so it will be a family movie.


Suzanne: Any information about the cast?

Magnús: No not yet. We are, we, we’re, when we have, we are writing the scripts right now and get the producer, and the right producer and the right distribution to write but then you would look for the cast.


Suzanne: Okay, and what about the rumor that LazyTown is coming out on Blu-ray? Is that true?

Magnús: It is true. LazyTown was shot in high definition. So it had never been shown in any TV in high definition. The quality is extremely good. It’s breathtaking. So what we did is that we put it on Blu-ray so that now there have already been five TV er, Blu-ray discs out there and we are doing more and more of that.


Suzanne: And what’s it like working with your wife?

Magnús: Uhm everybody that works with his wife know about it can be really really tricky. So uhm we worked together for 19 years and last two years we haven’t been working together since she had been home and, uhm, doing other stuff. So it was fine with me. We worked really well together actually but sometimes it can really be a challenge to work with someone you know really well. Some bosses even say that you should never hire somebody you know like family in business. So if somebody is reading this thinking about to hire somebody from their family I would recommend don’t do it but in my case it was fine.


Suzanne: And what do your kids think of you being Sportacus?

Magnús: My kids see me number 1 as a dad and then number 2 as Sportacus. And even my son said to me the other day when we were in L.A, I take them a lot with me to travel, he said to me “Dad, are you sure you want to eat this ice cream? Because you’re going to be Sportacus tomorrow.” And I said, “It’s about balance you remember? Health is about balance.” And he then said to me, “No dad I think you’re getting a little bit older now, you have to do all the pushups and jumps so you should not eat this ice cream.” So they actually pushed me to really be a better Sportacus.


Suzanne: So yeah have you considered using your kids in the show?

Magnús:  Yes the kids already played in the show. In some episodes, like for example my son Kristofer he played in the soccer episode. He was the legs, because the puppets have no legs. So we needed to kick the ball around and that was my son.


Suzanne: Oh interesting! And would LazyTown’s original show in English be put entirely on DVD for international sales and not only partially like it is now?

Magnús: Yes! What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna package it later so you can buy the whole package in one like….and I think that’s gonna happen some day yes.


Suzanne: Would it include interviews?

Magnús: Yeah there’s always like behind the scenes stuff that maybe we would put on it. And maybe would be directors cut!


Suzanne: Oh very interesting. Do you have any bloopers and other interesting stuff? Bloopers are things like when you make mistakes.

Magnús: Ah! No we never really make mistakes in LazyTown….no I’m joking. What it is is that it’s shot in high definition, it’s digital, and the space is extremely expensive. So when you shoot LazyTown episodes, you’re actually shooting like a, it’s like a mini-movie so you have a lot of material. So what you do is that you delete every mistakes that you can because you need to take that out and use the space to shoot more of quality. So that’s why there is not like a – when you have a film, it’s on the film. So they can use it and it’s shot on the videos but when it’s shot in high definition, you just delete it. So we don’t have any mistakes really.


Suzanne: Oh I see and do you think there will be an audio commentary?

Magnús: Yeah it could be absolutely! Absolutely.


Suzanne: And will you be doing an autobiography?

Magnús: Uhm, I’m too young to do it right now. I don’t think my life is that interesting at the moment, but it’s getting more and more interesting every single day. I’ve been in 17 countries now in 24…days.

Suzanne: 24 hours.

Magnús: Yes, hehe, like 24 hours, it has been crazy. You know, from China to Madrid to Colombia to Brazil to Argentina. So I’ve met very interesting people. From the health ministers to, to famous dancers to dance tango in Argentina, to actually ????? in Colombia. So I would say yeah it could be an interesting autobiography but not at the moment.


Suzanne: And what was it like working with Jackie Chan? How did it feel being the villain and not the superhero?

Magnús: What I think is interesting is that, health is about balance. So what I wanted to do is that I had played the villain, so now I want to be the bad guy. I have tried both. That is the balance in my life. So I like better to play the superhero than the villain. I was a Russian villain. But I loved to work with Jackie Chan. And I think this movie is going to be fantastic. It’s a family movie, it’s going to be great success, it’s coming out in January, and it’s going to be great. Jackie Chan is the hardest working man I’ve ever seen. He does most of his stunts and he does all the choreography of the fighting scenes etcetera etcetera. And he’s a major challenge for comedy because his movies are not really violent they’re more funny.


Suzanne: And what’s it called again?

Magnús: Spy Next Door. Spy Next Door.


Suzanne: And in respect to the LazyTown/Viacom commercial relation, when will the LazyTown license with Viacom/NickJr expire and are there any plans on renewing it?

Magnús: Eh, it’s gonna be 2012. Eh, 2011. 2011. The contract is finished in the United States with Viacom.


Suzanne: Oh I see. And what kind of plans do you have in store after it expires?

Magnús: A lot of plans. LazyTown is actually gonna be relaunched in the United States and we’re actually working at the moment on it. Like heavily.


Suzanne: And after the initial success of launching a LazyTown digital store, where the first season was shown, will the second season be launched there as well?

Magnús: What we are working on now is the platform of the LazyTown Club. LazyTown Club is a digital thing that kids can sign up and be healthy actually and get all kinds of things from LazyTown. And that’s like a virtual world. So it’s like Club Penguin, but with a value.


Suzanne: I see, and would a better video resolution be possible?

Magnús: Yes. What’s happening is that we are trying because kids, they don’t have so strong broadband connections so they asked us to take down the quality. So now it’s getting better and better so we can put the quality back up.


Suzanne: Great. And ???? the recent interviews made for the main case, could some of them be included also?

Magnús: Yes, why not?


Suzanne: Would you consider using some of the live performances?

Magnús: For what?

Suzanne: For the digital store.

Magnús: Absolutely. Because the live show have had over a million people seen it. I think the live casts are fantastic! And I went to the live shows and they are brilliant. Both in Latin America, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and also in England. Actually a fantastic cast.


Suzanne: Have you ever considered directing music videos? What an unusual question.

Magnús: Yes! Like yes, I’ve done that many times. So I, I would love to do it!

Suzanne: Thinking about the LazyTown artists.

Magnús: Yes exactly.

Suzanne: Like Stephanie.

Magnús: Yeah yeah. And we were thinking about like maybe there could be like a Stephanie band. Could be we could get singers to be part of that one.


Suzanne: And have you considered opening a page or forum where LazyTown fans can interact and leave messages to the members of the show and suggest ideas for the show?

Magnús: Yes, this is what we are doing. We are trying to open up like a site that uh, it’s like a club, a LazyTown club that you would be part of. And that would be a digital site that you can both interact and get comments etcetera etcetera and I can speak directly to my fans.

Suzanne: Like a social media kind of site.

Magnús: Exactly.


Suzanne: Sounds great, thank you so much Magnús!

Magnús: You’re welcome.

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