Magnús Scheving (18/6/2010)

Date: Friday, 18th June 2010

Thanks to: Bryndís because she sent the questions, Máni because he sent to me the answers anddd thanks to Magnús for answer them!! :D


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LazyTown Present:

1. Why does Robbie Rotten have a fake chin, and why does he have such crazy eyebrows?

We wanted to mix together 3 worlds; live actors, CGI and puppets.  By exaggerating certain features in the live actors we manage to blend those worlds together and make everything look more “cartoony”.


2. Is there a longer version of rock your socks off? Or is it played in its entirety in the episode?

No, we don´t have a longer version of that song.  We only needed it to be long enough until Robbie pulled the chord out of the player!


3. Who caused the most outtakes?

The biggest problems we had was when the hands or heads of the puppeteers accidentally were seen in the frame.  But I guess I was the one to blame for the most outtakes.  I´m not a trained actor like the others, so I often forgot my lines etc.  I also directed the majority of the shows and often had to think about many things at once.


LazyTown Future:

1. Will LazyTown Extra be released on Blu-Ray/DVD?

It hasn´t been decided yet but I hope so.  LazyTown Extra is a special format as part of it was shot in the LazyTown studios and part of it is shot in the country that it´s produced in.  I´m very happy with the outcome of this format and proud that we started something that hasn´t been done before.  This brings LazyTown closer to the audience in each territory.


2. Do you plan to add some new LazyTown stuff, specially episodes?

We constantly think about doing more LazyTown material.  At this time I can´t promise new episodes, like the classic ones we know, but I´m hopeful we will produce more material soon.


3. Have you thought to add new characters in the TV Series?

Not really.  We may have some guest characters, like we did with the Genie and Little Sportacus, but I don´t think we would add another character to the town.


4. Have you ever thought to create a LazyTown thematic park and where it would be? It would be only for children or would you include adults also in such a project?

I love the idea of a LazyTown theme park and we´ve talked about it many times.  It would definitely be for the whole family and be action based.  Just imagine – going on a rollercoaster that you have to pedal!!


Latibær Musical:

1. Why are there such stark contrasts between the two musicals?

The first musical, “Áfram Latibær!” was based on the original idea of LazyTown.  It tells the story of Sportacus coming to LazyTown for the first time.  After that show, I wanted to continue to work on the Art work of LazyTown and spent a couple of years doing so.  We changed the costumes of the characters and so on.  I still have fond feelings towards the original look but I want things to evolve.  That´s why the second musical had different costumes, more color in the set design etc.


2. Will you ever release your Latibær Blu-Ray/DVDs (with English, Spanish, etc. subs) and the three books you wrote in 1991 in the International Market?

We don´t have plans for it at the moment but I´m sure it will be done some day.


3. Why Pixel didn't keep his green hair? And why Trixie didn´t keep her red hair?

There´s no particular reason for it – except I think the other/new colors look better.

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