Magnús Scheving (25/2/2010)

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First, we want to give thanks for the last interview, we love it!
Some fans already saw the movie "The Spy Next Door", just to say congratulations of all the fans and ask you if you have more jobs for Hollywood.


Thank you so much for your nice greetings.  It´s good to know that I and LazyTown of course have such great fans.  I haven´t decided anything regarding more work in Hollywood.  Some really interesting things have come to my table after "The Spy Next Door", but my problem is always the same; there aren´t enough hours in the day to do everything I want.


If you could be in any film series, what would it be and why? Who is your favourite actor?


This is a really difficult question.  There are so many great films and TV series out there that I like - but that doesn´t necessarily mean I want be in them.  I really don´t have a favorite actor these days, the reason being there are so many unbelievable talents out there - all good for many different reasons.  One may be a great Action Hero actor while the next is a brilliant Drama Actor.  But when I was little, I loved Chaplin and all of his movies.  Thinking about it, I still love Chaplin and all of his movies.


Is it true you got hurt filming "The Spy Next Door"?


I wouldn´t use the word "hurt".  I got a few bruises here and there, but nothing serious.


And now about the Show:


For the moment there are only rumors of a movie, but, what about Third Season? Will be?


Every single day we are thinking about more production for LazyTown.  But nothing has been decided at this moment.


Do you plan to make LazyTown Extra for Spain?


I really hope we can.  LazyTown Extra has done really well in all the markets where it´s been produced and has been a warm welcome to fans around the world.


Will be more episodes of LazyTown Extra?


Like I said earlier - nothing has been decided regarding more production at the moment.


Do you plan to look for a girlfriend for Sportacus? about that, if will be the Third Season, can she appear?


I think it´s highly unlikely that Sportacus will get a girlfriend.  He is so busy that I doubt that he will have time for that.  And what fun would it be to be the girlfriend of Sportacus?  He´s playing sports and helping kids all day long and goes to sleep at 8:08.  I don´t think any girlfriend would like that.


On one occasion, during the conference that gave you in Norway in May last year, you said you are in the making of a film called: "London Calling", What about it?


It´s a pet-project of mine that I can´t discuss in details at the moment.  It´s basically an idea for a movie but it´s at the writing stage so I can´t really comment on it at the moment.


What about your best moments and what about your most embarrasing moments on your travels we didn´t hear?


As I travel so much, I have to like it.  It´s simply a choice I made - to enjoy traveling.  So I´m always having great moments.   I think my best moments are when parents come up to me with their kids and ask me to sign an autograph - or just stop by to say hello.  It may sound vain, but it always amazes me that people recognize and sometimes love LazyTown.  The farther away I´m from Iceland, the more gratifying it is - for some reason.


Do you plan hold a meeting in Iceland for meet the LazyTown´s fans?


To tell you the truth, that wasn´t on the agenda - but it´s actually a cool idea.  If something like that will be decided, you will be the first to know.


About them, What is your reaction to see that sometimes are the Teens fans that they cry out for an autograph and a photograph?


The same reaction I have with every fan.  I feel deep gratitude everytime. 

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