Magnús Scheving (Christmas Interview)



Thanks to Magnús for answer us. Thanks to Bryndís for send me the interview and thanks to Humberto for helping me to make the questions ;)


Date: Tuesday, 4th January 2011


1. What Christmas means for you?

For me, Christmas means family time.  You get to sit down with the one´s you´re closest to and look back on all the things you are grateful for.  At my house, we try to make the holidays special for the kids.  We have our special routine, but always try to do something new.  One of my favorites it to play board-games with the whole family.


2. What was the best gift you ever received for Christmas?

There are so many special ones.  I will always remember the gifts my kids made at kindergarten and school when they were little.


3. What projects in this year do you want to return in next year? What do you want to the next year?

Keep LazyTown going strong in every way possible.


4. When you were a child, what was your favorite Christmas candy? Or in this time you already thinking about sports-candies?

When I was young, fruits were almost rare in Iceland.  We always looked forward to Christmas when everyone would get fresh fruits.  The thing I loved – and still love – were the bright red Christmas apples and Clementines.


5.  It’s possible to release a third Lazy Town Christmas Special for the year 2011? (Although it will not be a complete episode, only a short video clip)

My good friend Stephanie taught me this: Anything is possible.


6. Exists some Icelandic tradition for celebrate Christmas? Or you celebrated in the style of most people in the world? If you celebrate it, what type of food served at Christmas Eve dinner at your home?

We have some very special tradition here in Iceland for Christmas.  On the 23rd of December, we eat fermented skate.  The smell is absolutely horrible – but the funny thing is that it tastes quite good.  Well – good is not maybe the right word.  It tastes “Special”.  This is something that almost every Icelander was brought up with and I still like to have this on the 23rd.  The BIG day here in Iceland is the 24th.  Christmas starts at 18:00 – and that´s when we have the big family meal and give each other presents.  An Icelandic speciality is smoked lamb – or smoked ham.  It´s a bit “heavy” for you so many are turning to Turkey. 


7. Did ever you dressed up St. Nicholas (or Sportacus, lol!) to put the gifts under the tree to your children?

I´ve dressed up as Santa Claus many many times.  I did it for my kids – and the kids of friends and family.  I´ve never dressed up as Sportacus on Christmas day ;-)


8. When you were a child, how was your Christmas? Is it celebrated any different now, as compared to when you were a child?

Not really – I keep many of the same traditions that I grew up with.


Thank you very much for your kind answers and have a happy holiday! :)

Questions from José Félix.


PS - Sorry for the words here. It was translated with Google, so not a perfect translation :S

1. What is Christmas for you? 
For me Christmas is a family relation, the time of year I spend more time with my family, I try to go low at that time and enjoy them with my wife and my children. 


2. What was the best gift you have done? 
The truth is that those who know me know that I appreciate the friendship and for that reason, to be surrounded by my friends on special days is a real gift. 
3. What projects are parked in this year want to return next year? What would you like for the new year? 
I maintain a great illusion to create the film, although I know it will take time, since it is a very ambitious project is a long way to go. 
4. Is there a funny story (or emotional) to recall most fondly? 
This year was very special, my daughter Silvia has given us a wonderful concert at home. She sings, has a beautiful voice and made a few versions of Christmas songs has been really nice. 
5. Christmas favorite candy when you were a child (or even then you thought about sports-candies?). 
Well when you are young you can not help that you love chocolate and these cakes so special that we prepared the grandmother, but eventually you realize that not abuse of them is the best way to learn to appreciate them. 
6. Make a third LazyTown Christmas special in 2011, is it possible? (Although not a full chapter, only a short video clip) 
It will be possible next year, for now we are focused on energizing the agreements with some countries and closing distribution agreements that allow us to have products that claim children as soon as possible. In Spain, for example, we signed an agreement with SIMBA and are doing an excellent job. From March next year (2011) will enjoy its products in stores. 
7. Is there some kind of Icelandic tradition to celebrate Christmas or the celebration in the style of most people in the world? If held, what type of food served at Christmas Eve dinner at home? 
The celebration is very similar to yours, I've been in Spain with my friend Joseph and the spirit of Christmas is very similar in both countries. 
In Iceland we have very good fish, excellent salmon and also enjoy various types of meat seasoned with various spices. Normally serve as a buffet or even at home. 
8. Have you ever dressed up as St. Nicholas (or Sportacus, lol!) To put the gifts on the tree for their children when they were still young? 
Yes, many times, so much so that sometimes we remember the family. 
9. When you were still a child: 
a) How was your Christmas? Is it very different from now? 
Well I lived with enthusiasm, but no doubt that it is now that I enjoy sharing the true sense of family. 
b) What present wanted more than anything but could never get? 
That institutions are aware of the importance of children and to stop being materialistic and have the children learn what it is to eat healthy..., but it is not easy, the truth! 
c) What is the gift I remember most fondly and why? 
When I was 6 I got a little wooden car and at that time it seemed the most beautiful in the world, maybe that's why I like cars now :) 
10. Now being an adult you (and excluding family members): 
a) What would you like to receive gifts at Christmas and why? 
Like I said Silvia has done me a great gift this Christmas with her beautiful voice, but LazyTown thinking... That the movie brought us to this 2011 would be a good gift. 
b) What would you like to give in return, why and who (or whom)? 
With the film could reach many children around the world, my gift would be that infect children with the vitality and humanity of Sportacus! 
Thank you very much for responding and have a happy holiday :) 
I take this opportunity to wish you a happy holiday in Spain and wish you a year of health and Sports-Candies :)

Spanish Questions.

1. ¿Qué es para usted la Navidad?

Para mí la Navidad es un referente familiar, es el momento del año en que más tiempo dedico a mi familia, intento viajar poco en esas fechas y disfrútalos junto a mi mujer y mis hijos.


2. ¿Cuál fue el mejor regalo que le han hecho?

La verdad es que los que me conocen saben que aprecio la amistad y que por esa razón, poder estar rodeados de mis amigos en fechas tan especiales es un verdadero regalo.


3. ¿Qué proyectos aparcados en este año desea retomar el año próximo? ¿Qué desea para el nuevo año?

Sigo manteniendo una gran ilusión con crear la película, aunque sé que llevará tiempo, ya que es un proyecto muy ambicioso y hay un largo trecho por recorrer.


4. ¿Hay alguna anécdota divertida (o emotiva) que recuerde con más cariño?

Este año ha sido muy especial, mi hija Silvia nos ha regalado un maravilloso recital en casa. Ella canta, tiene una voz preciosa y ha hecho unas versiones de canciones de Navidad, ha sido realmente bonito.


5. Golosina favorita de Navidad cuando Ud. era un niño (¿o ya en ese entonces pensaba en los dulces sanos?).

Bueno cuando eres niño no puedes evitar que te encante el chocolate y esos bollos tan especiales que nos preparaba la abuela, pero al final te das cuenta de que no abusar de ellos es la mejor forma de saber apreciarlos.


6. Hacer un tercer especial de Navidad de LazyTown para el 2011, ¿sería posible? (aunque no sea un capítulo completo, sólo un corto videoclip)

Será posible el año que viene, por ahora estamos centrados en dinamizar los acuerdos con algunos países y cerrando acuerdos de distribución que nos permitan tener los productos que los niños demandan lo antes posible. En España, por ejemplo hemos firmado un acuerdo con SIMBA y están haciendo un trabajo excelente. A partir de Marzo del año que viene (2011) podremos disfrutar de sus productos en las tiendas.


7. ¿Hay algún tipo de tradición islandesa para celebrar la Navidad o la celebra al estilo de la mayoría de las personas en el mundo? Si la celebra, ¿qué tipo de comida navideña sirven en la cena de nochebuena en su hogar?

La celebración es muy parecida a la vuestra, yo he estado en España con mi amigo José y el espíritu de la Navidad es muy parecido en ambos países.

En Islandia tenemos muy buen pescado, un salmón excelente y también disfrutamos de varios tipos de carne aderezados con distintas especias. Normalmente lo servimos como Buffet incluso en las casas.


8. ¿Alguna vez se disfrazó de San Nicolás (o de Sportacus, lol!) para poner los regalos en el árbol para sus hijos, cuando ellos aún eran pequeños?

Sí, muchas veces, tanto es así que a veces lo recordamos en familia.


9. Cuando Ud. era aún un niño:

a) ¿Cómo era su Navidad? ¿Es muy diferente a la de ahora?

Bueno lo vivíamos con ilusión, pero no cabe duda de que es ahora cuando disfruto de la verdadera sensación de compartirlo en familia.

b) ¿Qué regalo deseó más que nada pero nunca pudo obtener?

Que las instituciones sean sensibles a la importancia de la niñez y que dejen de ser materialistas y hagan que los niños aprendan lo que es comer sano..., pero no es fácil, ¡¡¡la verdad!!!

c) ¿Cuál es el regalo que recuerda con más cariño y por qué?

Cuando tenía 6 años me regalaron un pequeño coche de madera y en aquel momento me pareció lo más bonito del mundo, quizá por eso ahora me gustan los coches :)


10. Ahora siendo Ud. una persona adulta (y excluyendo a los miembros de su familia):

a) ¿Qué regalo le gustaría recibir en Navidad y por qué?

Como te he comentado Silvia me ha hecho un gran regalo esta navidad con su bonita voz, pero pensando en LazyTown..., que nos trajera la Película para este 2011 sería un buen regalo.

b) ¿Cuál le gustaría dar a cambio, por qué y a quién (o a quiénes)?

Con la película podríamos llegar a muchos niños en todo el mundo, ¡¡¡mi regalo sería ese contagiar a los niños con la vitalidad y humanidad de Sportacus!!!


Muchas gracias por responder y que tenga unas felices fiestas :)

Quiero aprovechar para desearos unas felices fiestas en España y también desearos un año lleno de salud y Sport-Chuches :)


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