Magnús Scheving & LTW Team (27/8/2010)



Thanks to Suzanne for helping us and thanks Magnús for take some of your time for our questions.


Questions were collected from LazyTown fans on the GetLazy Forums and carefully selected for this interview.


Date: Friday, 27th August 2010

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His Impression: I was happy doing the interview.






Today I did an interview with some of the fans of the LazyTownWorld. They supported LazyTown for several years. It was great to meet them.


From Left to Right: Tim Dixon, Magnús Scheving, Rowan Rental and Vic Tranter.


Photographer: Robert Evans.

From Left to Right: Magnús Scheving, Tim Dixon, Vic Tranter and Rowan Rental.


Photographer: Robert Evans.

Their Impressions:


Ana (Admin):

My impression? I loved the Interview! And well, I realised Magnús talks a lot, hehe, but it´s always great listen him. And..., what can I say about the Crew? They are fantastic! I hope the Admins and the Crew together for the next interview.


Rowan Rental:

It really confirmed for me how intelligent Magnus is and how much he thinks about everything. Like the question about favourite colours, for example - most people would give a really simple answer, but he obviously had a lot to say about it. Sometimes you could say he talks a bit too much, but to me it really shows that he's overflowing ideas and it's no wonder he's so successful.


It was fantastic to be there, even though I didn't do much. Thanks so much to Ana, the team of LazyTownWorld and GetLazy, and of course the guys I was there with, it was great fun!