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M: Magnús

 T: Tim

V: Vic

RW: Rowan

RB: Robert


T: OK, let's start with a quick fire round.

V: Do you mind if we quick fire some questions at you, like 'something' or 'something' and you have to pick one? Just to wake us all up.

M: OK.

V: Fruit or veg?

M: Ah, I would say fruit.

V: Tennis or badminton?

M: Tennis or?

V: Badminton.

M: Tennis, definitely.

V: Golf or hockey?

M: Golf.

V: Carrots or peas?

M: Carrots.

V: Lettuce or tomatoes?

M: Tomatoes.

V: Football or rugby?

M: This is a difficult one as there is no rugby in my country [Iceland] so I would say football.


T: So shall we move onto general questions. Are there any plans for new episodes or specials?

M: Yes. What we are trying to do, and it will be interesting for the fans to come up with ideas for us. It will be interesting because we're thinking we don't really want...

[Someone for Magnus appears and he has to stop to talk to him]

M: What it is that, the fans can maybe come up with ideas for us because we are a little bit like a... the dream situation will be this, that you have, you've made LazyTown episodes like we did when we did, then you would do the LazyTown movie, and the LazyTown movie is about either Sportacus Number 1 or Sportacus Number 11, so what it is, is that I'm finding Sportacus 11 and it's very fun, we've already written this beautiful story and it's very action driven, and it's for all the audience a little bit like this, it's all live and it's a fantastic world like a mixture of Avatar, to erm...

T: So you will be expanding LazyTown outside of the actual town?

M: Yes, absolutely. And then it's basically that Robbie Rotten takes over the world because Sportacus has one year to find another to be 11, and Robbie gets rid of him, so he can only find the boy or the girl. So we wanted to take that, the new one and put that into new episodes, so there will be that kind of look, then we take that further. And then also we want to do a LazyTown even maybe special Stephanie cartoons, like you take a little bit there, you would have only three minutes of Robbie Rotten, very funny sketches just like you have, just like... really, really funny, something like he'll never stand up from the chair, he's trying to do stuff but he's too lazy, yeah and all kinds of stuff. And then we want to think about to do LazyTown basically musical, basically, and then we want to do LazyTown singing and moving with Stephanie, like a band, like a Stephanie band. We had a hundred Stephanies behind her in Iceland recently, it was amazing, the video came out just now, yesterday I think, or two days ago, and we had a show in Iceland, it was like three hundred people. We're working on LazyTown symphony with a symphony orchestra, is that you would have the symphony orchestra playing the LazyTown music and Robbie Rotten would maybe come in and do one song and he's trying to destroy and lose all the papers and all that stuff so it's very funny symphony orchestra. But then, we're also working on LazyTown cook show, the idea of right now, like we'll do a cooking show but I'm trying to do that entertaining, and we're thinking “how are we going to do that?” We're thinking about that if we shoot new LazyTown episodes, should we introduce new characters, should a boy come in? Or should there be...

T: So like the characters from the original stage show? Or just...

M: Yeah, or what I was thinking more like Robbie could maybe get help from somebody or there will be a new villain and Robbie is like “why is there a new villain?” And then maybe there would be Stephanie's friend, same age, another boy or would it be er, so how would we do that? I really liked in the old show and it was never really translated, basically we had a rooster who was French and he actually lived outside LazyTown and he would have to wake everybody up at 6 o'clock in the morning and he didn't understand “why is that my job? I know I'm a rooster, I know I have to do this but, why do I have to cuckoo every morning, why can't I just sleep?” And the Mayor would come in and say to the rooster, “you don't wake everybody up, that's why you're so lazy” and then he was waking up at 2 o'clock every day, and cuu-cuu-cuu at the wrong time. And this rooster, he didn't really, he didn't like actually movement or anything at all, Sportacus not so much at all, so he was a little bit like the narrator, “what are they doing now? Why are they doing this and that?” So we may introduce some of those guys. And in the cooking, we are thinking should we have a celebrity chef? Should they be famous like the guy out of Hell's Kitchen? Should we have a chef like who would be a character we would make? Is he a good character? Is he a friendly character? So we are thinking about how to do it. So maybe that chef could do famous cooking around the world, who could be really, really funny. So we don't know, so if the fans have any ideas, that they think should be new characters in LazyTown...


T: Well, I think when this gets out there will be a lot of emails to LazyTown. Well this is from our American listeners, they've been asking about the relaunch rumours in America, they say that on most of the networks LazyTown is not broadcast and is this something you can talk about? Is this real?

M: Basically what it is, when we sold LazyTown to the United States in 2004, you have the major four networks, there is Nickelodeon, Disney, PBS and then you have Discovery and Cartoon Network is there but that's more for cartoons. And the challenge is, is that LazyTown is not owned by those entities, it's not owned by Disney, it's not owned by Viacom and when they have their own programme, they broadcast their own programme like every day. So when LazyTown in 2004 got straight to number one or two and they realised “wait a minute, we don't even own this, it's not our show”. So what they do, is they use a programme like LazyTown as... I'm not sure what they call it in English, but in running there is a runner sometimes who goes in a relay race, or not a relay race, a running race like ten kilometres, he runs really, really fast, to let everybody pick up the time and then he just gives up and the rest are going to win so during the sports...

V: Like a pace maker?

M: Yeah, I don't know what they are called, so you would both be from England, and I would ask her (Vic) to run as fast as she can, so she's going to help me to get my best time and I need her to push me to the limit and then she just stops 'cause she's just “whoosh”, dead. And I keep going to beat the world record. So what they do is that they use it to attract eyeballs to new shows so they move LazyTown always, so they're always looking “where is it?” And they do that because they want to get their shows on the air. So for example, LazyTown is very popular on the Disney channel but they cannot tell that LazyTown is on Disney and so LazyTown is something like a stepchild in most people's stations. So we're always thinking like what can we do with it? How can we get it in a time slot to serve basically. And so we are speaking to most of them like how to do it nearly every single day. Sometimes it goes really well sometimes it goes really bad. So we are thinking that we need to relaunch LazyTown in the United States totally different. So that's probably going to talk with lots of retailers, like really big retailers, we're talking about movie cinemas, theatres, from Comcast, to Spanish channels to all different ways to do it. It's very tricky, the United States have the least possibilities to do kid's TV in the world and if you think about the land of the free it's very interesting. There are 808 channels in China for kids but there is only four in the United States.

T: Well I think the fans would thank you for telling them that, it's good to keep up with these things...

M: We would like you to know... the US is very interesting market...


T: If you could be any other LazyTown character, who would it be?

M: Heh heh, basically I don't even know that, but I'll let you in on a little secret that you can write about. LazyTown characters were built around issues when you raise kids, so each one of them has certain elements, and 20 years ago when I looked, before I made LazyTown, if you explained a sport, any sport, like football, and you would write down on a piece of paper everything about that sport and there would come a point where you cannot write any more. It's finished, to write about. I'm not talking that you could do different goals, but I'm talking about rules... For example, you're not allowed to run with the ball in your hands, except the goalkeeper, so you would write that, you're not allowed to kick the ball with your legs when you do a throw-in. There are certain rules. So certain things you cannot do in football that you can do in rugby. So you explain that on a piece of paper, then when you've finished explaining it, you put it on, let's say, TV and everybody loves it, critical mass would get it, and then you would sell merchandise, football socks, costumes and balls. So I understand it's like one, two and three, first you explain it, then you show it and then you sell it. This is 99% of business in the world. So you would explain something, your concept, then people get it, you get the critical mass, everybody loves it and then you sell something around it. But if you change “sports” or “football” into “health” then the problem starts. And you start to talk to thousands of doctors and you say, “What is a healthy person?” And they start to write it down, it would be endless. It's a little bit like to ask someone “What is humour? What is funny? Write down for me love, what is love?” You couldn't explain it, it's like endless. And for freedom, because if you explain freedom, you limited the word. Because freedom means to speak, what about freedom to be naked, what about freedom to be standing on one leg? So you cannot explain it. So what I wanted to do was to make a concept that you couldn't explain, because it would be like freedom or something like that. So when you look at the characters in LazyTown, all of the characters, and after twenty years, if I have to say one word, explain on a piece of paper what is healthy, it would be be balance. So a person in balance would be fine. So if you put all the LazyTown characters in one box, that is one healthy human being. You should be all of those things, you should not only be Sportacus, but all of them. Be Sportacus on your best day when you wake up and this morning you say “I can do anything.” Next time you are like Robbie, you're like “Urgh, I just can't do this.” Or next time you are just like Stephanie “what would happen if I tried that? Or if I try this?” and be positive like if this doesn't work, try that “there's always a way”. And sometimes you are like Ziggy, you eat a little chocolate. And Trixie, she's about following rules, but also to break rules, so you want to bring up kids to break rules, not just to follow them, because in some countries, women couldn't vote for example, so somebody stood up and said “wait a minute, this is a stupid rule, let's change it.” Or you would say in politics “I want to build houses differently. I want to do this differently.” Then you are breaking rules and then you are allowed to. So that is Trixie. I think you should be all of those characters, a mixture of all of them, then you will be healthy, so I don't really have a favourite character who I wanna be, I want to be all of them.


T: OK, onto the next question, how many push-ups can you do Magnus? What's your record?

M: It's very amazing because I saw, when I learned how to do push-ups when I was a little kid, I did it absolutely correctly, I say that, so it's like, I do it like so so every single muscle is used for maximum strength, you're supposed to do push-ups with a drop so you can get thousands, but if you really think about how to train, it's like a ballet person, I never understood why a ballet person stands in a... I'm not sure what it's called... a plíe? And they go down and up and you think this isn't difficult, they even hold a stick, the bar and they go down, when you learn how to do it, it's much more difficult. It's because then they use the whole body and sweat and sweat, just by movement. So when I do push-ups, they are very difficult to do many. I remember when I was fifteen I did a hundred and ninety two or something like that, nearly two hundred, I think I was missing three or four off two hundred, and I did a test in school, and they had like a lighter, or matches underneath, and you had to touch the box. Duh, the box was here. But today I'm not really sure, I'm not as good as I used to be, because now I'm getting older, I think maybe it would be about a hundred and twenty now. When I looked at the world record, I think it was about ten thousand, it's amazing, but he's a Chinese guy or Japanese and they train like crazy. It's incredible.


T: OK, what is your favourite colour and why?

M: Favourite...?

T: Colour.

M: What is it, colour... colour, colour! Ah colour. This is a very good question. I have two hobbies. I like cars, not to drive them, it's more the design. The second thing I like is, the design of houses, I want to be an architect so I studied houses all the time. I built my own house from scratch and everything in it. So when I'm in this building, I look at how do they do it, why do they do it, etc., etc.. That's why, when you do that, you always look into colours, like you are always putting colours together. So I think there is not such thing as a colour that is ugly, it's like, how do you combine them together, how do you put them together. You could put a really ugly colour into something that just match. So it's not just one colour, I like combinations of things. So I've started to paint a lot now, I used to paint a lot of pictures when I was small, so now I'm painting a lot of pictures, and I'm not really good at it at all, but I like to work with colours, for your brain it's very good. If I were a kid I would say that I don't want to have a favourite colour, I want all colours. That would give the opportunity to be open. I will tell you another secret. As a person, to be a better person, what you need to do, is that you should try to learn to have the option open. I'll give you an example. Most of the decisions you make is from your gut. The subconscious inside you can answer yes or no questions. So for example, if you walk across the street, suddenly comes a car, you would back “oh no” and you would go back. But your brain is not telling you left leg back, right let back... it happens immediately. So this subconscious answers most of these questions. So when you speak, you speak over here in the air, and this answer is a no. For example, if you would tell your friends that you were going on vacation, you would tell everybody, everybody you'd meet, “I'm going on vacation to London. I'm going on vacation to London.” You could be telling it for a year. And you're going to do it one day. And what's going to happen is that at 8 o'clock in the morning one day when you'll be reading the paper and suddenly you will see advertising that says “Trip to London, thirty quid”. And you're like “hum...” and you're not even thinking about it. You open it “Ah, London.” But you didn't see any commercial for... building houses, like for wood and timber one-ninety-nine, or new toilet for three hundred and sixty six pounds, you never saw it, you went through the whole paper, absolutely through the paper and you didn't see any of it. Because your brain doesn't go there, so if you talk about it, it's gonna happen. That's why there are sports people who say “we're going to win” because they're not really talking to anybody but themselves, out here. So that's why I believe you're going to become what you speak about yourself, or what you're going to do, or what somebody else speak about you. So if your friends talk about how you're no good, get new friends. If you have friends who are upbeat who try to tell you, “yes of course you can do this, of course, what shall we do, it's our future, what do we wanna do?” And if you speak about it, if you say you like politics, you speak about politics, that's where you're going to go. So it's very important that you think about everything you say, if I say “my colour is blue” and it's up in the air, “blue, blue, blue, blue” I would not really look at purple (grabs Vic's purple fleece) colour. Blue would be number one. But if I say I like all colours, that means I have much more range to look at colours. So that's why I think it's important exactly what you say, I do. And that is something that I believe, that you should be open, and as a kid when you are fourteen to twenty-one, this is the best time of your life, it's absolutely great, this is the time that you don't really need to think about babies, you don't really need to do other things. And you think this time is like sometimes hard, because the brain is moving all the time but you need to look at this time as the best time ever in your life, because that's what it is. But sometimes you don't appreciate it when you actually live in it, like right now, it's really interesting. And if you believe that other people will get success, that you believe someone else will do it, this is bullsh!t, you can easily do it. The only thing you need to do is to tell people about it, you need to focus by yourself, you should have a mood board in your home of what you like. So if you love to go to a beach, have pictures of beaches. Rip it out of the paper, put it on the board. Look at beaches all the time, and you're going to see it, and your subconscious is going to get you there. If you tell everyone that you are going to New York, you are going to end up in New York, and if I was an investor and you said “I'm going to New York. I'm going to New York.” I would say “Here's my money, I absolutely bet that you are going to go to New York,” but if you say “I don't really know where I'm going, I have no idea where I am going.” Would I give you money to go to New York? Probably not. Because you're not going. So it's very important guys, very important.


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