Magnús Scheving (November 2012)

And finally, after a while, a new interview with Magnús! Enjoy it ;)


Date: Friday, 9th November 2012


Thanks to: Magnús Scheving & Halli Kristinsson


A new phase for the TV Series starts, so we would like to ask you some questions about it:


1. First of all, congratulations about LazyTown Entertainment and Turner. What can we expect about it? Is it gonna be better than with Nickelodeon?

We are happy to be part of the Turner family and it is exciting to know that LazyTown is viewed as the number one pre-school brand in their portfolio. They also have some fantastic kids channels around the world including the pre-school channel Cartoonito that will air LazyTown in various territories in Europe.


2. About Julianna, what about her? Is she coming back? If not, who is gonna be the new Stephanie? Is it true the rumours about a new character will appear?

It was always fantastic to work with Julianna and we still remain in great contact.  However,  it has been several years since we last shot LazyTown so Julianna is all grown up now and doing other things in her life.  Fortunately we have manage to find her a fantastic replacement.  Her name is Chloe Lang and comes from the US.  She has really been great and I think fans will quickly grow to love her as well.


3. About Stefán, is he coming back?

Yes, we have Stefan Karl playing Robbie Rotten as before.  I think he is one of the funniest person I have ever met and I´m so happy to be on the set with him again.


4. Any other changes beside the new character?

Without revealing too much then I can tell you that there will be some additional changes.  In Series 3 we are making Sportacus much more of a superhero; adding to his super amazing stunts, we have given him and Stephanie some really cool new gadgets and vehicles to work with. We teamed up with the California-based Ironhead Studios, which is one of the top costume design studios in the world, and has constructed costumes for Batman, Fantastic Four and Ironman to name a few.   There are also some fantastic new gadgets and vehicles.  One of the most exciting chances is that Sportacus has a new backpack loaded with cool functions!  Stephanie also gets new gadgets. Her bag is now equipped with a screen that allows her to communicate with Sportacus and the Kids, and what’s even more exciting is that she has  Action Specs – a mask that she can pull out of her bag when she really needs to focus and use her brain to solve problems.


5. What is the release date of the new show?

This will depend on the territory but the new series should start airing in late April or May next year.


6. Will the style of the show be more like Season 1 or Season 2? (For example, Season 2 featured full body views of puppets quite a bit and subtle camera style changes from Season 1).

In this series we will continue to offer all the wonderful things you’ve come to know from the last series plus some amazing additions. We are taking all the feedback from fans all around the world and use it to motivate kids to make healthy choices by turning the subject of health into a game. When writing the scripts for Series 3 we specifically aimed for the world of adventure, and we´ll be seeing elements like knights, dragons and robots. This gave us the opportunity to portray Sportacus and Stephanie in a more heroic way, including bigger stunts than previous seasons.


7. We'd like to know whether you still have an interest in competitive aerobics?

My aerobics time is over but I’m always interested in sports.  I love tennis, golf and I just started snowboarding.   On top of this I’m also doing some surfing.   At some point, I would really like to try out triathlon.


8. How does the Turner deal effect the structure of LazyTown Entertainment and are you positive about the future of the brand?

Yes, I´m very positive about the future of the brand.  We looked for a partner like Turner because we wanted to make LazyTown even bigger.  Turner has the infrastructure and the capabilities to allow that to happen so we are very happy.  LazyTown Entertainment continues to exist as a company registered in Iceland.  The only difference is the ownership of LazyTown Entertainment, which is now majority owned by Turner.


9. Will you continue to be the face of LazyTown?

Absolutely! I will also continue to write and produce the LazyTown shows.


10. Will you be acting as Sportacus in the new season or just concentrate all your energy and skills behind the scenes, in creativity, writing & direction?

I will be doing both. I will continue to play Sportacus but I´m also involved in other aspects of the production, such as writing and producing. I’m also directing some of the episodes as well.


11. Are the puppeteers and voices still the same as in the first and second season? If not, why not?

Yes, thankfully we have all the same puppeteers back with one exception.  We have a new puppeteer playing Trixie… Her name is Aymee Garcia and she is a great actress.  She has slotted into the production very well so it is like she was always there.


12. We’d to know about your idea about making a Fan Club's Website. Is it going to be like the design of the fictional PixelSpix and same name?

It is a great idea and I still think we may do it.  Unfortunately we haven´t found the time to get it up and running. Thankfully there are some great fan sites out there such as yours.


13. In the Conference in Norway 2009 you said you were writing a movie called 'London Calling' (or kind of). When we asked you about it and you replied saying there wasn’t much info at that moment. After 2 years from that interview, what news or update do you have about it to share to?

I’m always working on several projects that may come into light in the future.  Bear in mind that it took 16 years to develop Avatar so many of those projects are long term.  London Calling is one of my pet projects and is something that I’m still working on.


14. About your personal Website, we’d to know if you will re-open it soon, because fans loved it (it’s was a good place to know from first hand all your ideas, plans and projects related to LazyTown).

This is on hold for the moment. 


15. Besides athletics, fitness, children's story writer and creator, director and producer (and star) of LazyTown, is there any other activity (carried out by you, formally studied or not) that you want comment to?

My job in the production is to do a lot of things. I’m the visionary for LazyTown and I´m responsible for the “look and feel” of LazyTown. I help write the shows and I direct some of the episodes as well as playing Sportacus. There is also a lot of work to be done in the post production that I commit to. I look at colors and sounds and even help make up new sounds. The editing is also very important because in edit  you decide the pace of the episode and how the story comes together so I work closely with the editors during this process. Finally, I even help out selling the show around the world.


Thanks for your time, attention and patience about these questions and your respective kind answers.


Thank you for great questions and your continuing interest in LazyTown.