Máni Svavarsson (6/2/2010)

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LTW: How and when did you realize that the music is your passion?

Máni: Music has alwyas been my passion!  Both of my parents were musicians - my mother a singer and my father a drummer.  He had his own band which starred my mother.
My first memory of playing music goes back to when I was 5 years old.  Our neighboor was the organist at the Reykjavik Cathredal.  In his house, he had a Harpsichord an a Grand Piano.
I remember sneaking into his music room and playing both of the instruments - but mostly the Piano.
After one of their trips abroad, my parents gave me a "Stylophone".  It´s one of the first synthesizers ever made for public - invented in the year I was born, 1967.
Maybe that led to me later choosing electric keyboards instead of the classical piano - who knows.


LTW: What is your inspiration for write it?

Máni: It is really difficult to answer that question.  But I think my inspiration is simply all the beautiful melodies that have been written in the past.
From Mozart to Michael Jackson - from Beethoven to the Beatles.  I´ve always loved melodies and how they can change your mood.
For LazyTown, I tried to write music that puts a smile on your face - or even get you to move to the beat - or just hum along to the melody.


LTW: What is you LazyTown favourite song?

Máni: It may sound corny, but that is like trying to choose your favorite baby.  They are all my favorite for many different reasons.
But I think the songs I love the most are the ones that came out without any effort.  The songs that I didn´t have to re-write - and then re-write again.
Some of those songs are "Bing bang", "You ara a pirate", "Twenty times", "Teamwork" "Clean up" and "We will be friends".
"Bing Bang" is a song that I wrote and recorded (the playback) in the year 1999 for the "Robbie Goes To LazyTown" live show in Iceland.
It took 4 hours to write and record the whole thing and I haven´t changed or re-recorded a single note - and it still get´s me in a good mood!


LTW: What have you learned in these years of write songs for LazyTown?

Máni: I think my most valuable lessons has been: "If it aint broken - don´t fix it."  I´ve learned to trust myself and not to be afraid of what other people might think of my music.


LTW: How do you meet Magnús?

Máni: In 1992, I was working as a salesman in a Hugo Boss shop in Iceland.  In my free time I used to write music for my group, called "Peace of cake".
We were quite famous at the time, due to our singer being the acctress in Iceland´s biggest movie at that time, called "Wallpaper".
The other keyboardist in the group, Julius Kemp, was the director of that film - and the group also starred in the film.
This was one of the first modern "dance" groups in Iceland, and I think Magnus picked up on the music in the film.
One day he came to the shop and asked if I could make music for one of his his Aerobic Routines.
That´s how it all began and we have been working together ever since.


LTW: When Magnus created LazyTown and said that you work with him. Did you said yes immediately or you thought that maybe the project doesn't work?

Máni: To be honest, I thought he had gone "bonkers".  I didn´t have kids at that time and wasn´t thinking about children´s music or children´s stories.
But I knew that everything Magnus did, he did 150% - and it´s always good to be around people like that.  So of course I decided to join in.


LTW: Are you a LazyTown fan? I mean, do you follow it often?, if your answer is yes, how many times do you see the episodes?, what's your favorite episode?

Máni: Of course I´m a LazyTown fan!!  I have three kids that have all grown up with LazyTown so I have seen all the episodes many times.
Obviously I watched them hundreds of times when we were making them - but also watched them many times with the kids.
My top 5 episodes are, in no particular order,  "Rottenbeard", "Snowmonster", "School Scam", "My Treehouse" and "Birthday Surprise".
I could name many many others - but these are the first ones to come to mind.


LTW: Do you want to say something to the fan club?

Máni: It´s been a pleasant surprise to realize that LazyTown has such a big and loyal fan-base.  I never imagined that "kids" at all ages would like our work this much.
I can only say I´m deeply touched and grateful to know that people - all over the world - are singing along to my simple little melodies.
I´m blessed to have friends like you guys and I will always be grateful for everything you have done for LazyTown and my music.


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Mini-Interview from Friday 3th September 2010.


1. Who are some of your favorite actors/actresses?

Stefán Karl.

2. What types of music do you enjoy?

Depends on the mood I´m in.

3. Any plans on working with Magnús again on a different project?


4. What was the last DVD you watched?

Les Miserables 10 year aniversary concert.

5. What was the last movie you seen in a movie theater?

Shrek 4.

6. Do you have any guilty pleasures? I so,what are they?

I love to cook, and not always healthy.


7. What's it like having a superhero as your best friend?



8. Which director would you like to work with, and what kind of film would you like to work on?

I don´t know any directors and don´t have any plans to work on films.