Sigurður Valur Sigurðsson (Siggi Valur) (3/5/2010)

Takk Siggi.

Who is he?


Siggi Valur is a storyboard artist who worked in LazyTown. For more information, see his blog written above.



How did start all the drawing thing?

I don't remember... I have been drawing and painting before I remember meself... at 2 or 3 years old.


When and how started your relationship with LazyTown? Can you tell me about some anecdotes?

Magnus called me and asked me to visualize and develop Lazytown for TV and other presentation - as art director.  He had me come visit his office, where he was alone, and he made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

Just what I said... Magnus usually gets what he wants... - He has a way to convince people when he gets a meeting face to face... I had made other plans working for other company at the time... but he talked me into changing them and work for him
He's the most determined man I have ever met.


What are your actual plans or ideas?

I have no special plans, but to get work to earn a living till Armageddon, which I'd like to survive, looking forward to see the Satanic system of this world wiped out.


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